Chase Ryan Is a Writer, Producer, and Engineer based in San Antonio, Tx. Chase started playing music as a child and continued his education when he attended and received his degree from the Los Angeles Recording School. Chase has done work for artists such as Debby Ryan and THΞ ΠΞvΞR ΞΠDIΠG, Zach Callison, Alyson Stoner, Lybecker, Josh Beech, Hudson Thames, Blake Lewis, Leona Lewis, Mdot, Fantasia, Olivia Somerlyn, Island Apollo, Dallas Lovato, Tracy Thomas, Mess, Bella Thorne & IM5, Dallas Lovato, Cady Groves and more. As well as work for film and television clients such as Lionsgate, Disney, Grindstone, Lifetime, Mar Vista, Collins Avenue, EQtainment and others.